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Why I Started Vlogging & What It’s Taught Me

I’ve been getting a great reaction from people, regarding my weekly vlogs and tonnes of you have mentioned that you really enjoy watching them. But I do also keep getting the question; Why? ‘Why are you vlogging?’ ‘How exactly does … Continue reading

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5 Useful Tips For Using Your Facebook Page

I was speaking to a friend the other day, who was after more likes on her Facebook page (aren’t we all) and I mentioned a few things that she didn’t know she could do. So, I thought I’d just point … Continue reading

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Why Buying Facebook Likes is a REALLY Bad Idea

  Thinking of buying Facebook likes? Stop, right there! Did your mother not teach you that cheats never prosper? I had a lovely lady message me asking for advice on increasing her Facebook following, in the week, and she asked … Continue reading

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Why I Think Equestrian Businesses MUST Use Facebook – And My 4 Top Tips!

I just wanted to talk about using Facebook for equestrian business, particularly photography businesses, but I’ll also try to make this apply to other equestrian businesses too, because I think it’s so important, no matter what you’re selling. I’ve heard so … Continue reading

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