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Why I Started Vlogging & What It’s Taught Me

I’ve been getting a great reaction from people, regarding my weekly vlogs and tonnes of you have mentioned that you really enjoy watching them. But I do also keep getting the question; Why? ‘Why are you vlogging?’ ‘How exactly does … Continue reading

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Working with a Hair & Makeup Artist on Equine Photoshoots

Some of my favourite shoots are my ‘Mud to Make-Up’ shoots, where I get to take my good friend and fabulous hair and make-up artist, Sherrie Warwick along with me, to help beautify my models and make them feel like … Continue reading

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What to Wear for Your Equine Photoshoot

This is the big question for most of my clients. As soon as they book, they’re thinking ‘OMG, what do I wear?!’ and throwing themselves into a panic. ••• Let me start by introducing you to my Pinterest boards. To … Continue reading

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Finding the Beauty in Every Woman – Happy International Women’s Day

Almost every one of my clients tells me that they are completely un-photogenic and hate having their photograph taken. They look at my photos and they think everybody I photograph is stunningly beautiful, except for them. The irony is, most of … Continue reading

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Three Reasons I Blog About EVERY Shoot

If you are a regular follower of my work, you will have noticed, that I share every single shoot I do, online. I share a handful of images from each shoot along with a write up and the story of … Continue reading

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Why There Will Soon Be No Event Photographers Left

Ok, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, but I’m going to get my rant on today. It’s not something I do very often, but I feel that this is really important! Here’s my question, to those of you who compete with your horses… … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Use the Off Season Productively, When You Run a Seasonal Business

If your business is anything like mine, the work comes in peaks and troughs. Despite me trying to convince the world that winter shoots are magical (FYI: They really are!), I understand that horses are often hairy and muddy during … Continue reading

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