I Have a New Blog!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for following me on here, to say goodbye this corner of the internet and do a little introduction to my brand new blog.


As wonderful as this blog as been for me, I just felt it was time for an upgrade!

I’ll be leaving the content as it is, on here, but I’ve had this blog space ever since I first started blogging and it was just feeling old and tired to me, so I’ll nolonger be adding to it any more.

This is a wordpress hosted blog, whereas the new one is self-hosted, for those of you in the blogging know. So that means I have a lot more control over the design and can make lots of little changes, as we go along. (So long as it doesn’t involve any more freakin’ FTPing!)

There’s still a fair bit to add to the new space, but I at least felt that after weeks of work and wrestling with FTP and code, it had enough on here to finally share it out into the world!


I feel like this past year I’ve not really been as on top of blogging as I used to be, and I plan to really utilise it as part of my social media efforts, from here on out.

So, please take a trip over there, if you’d like to continue following my adventures! Have a little look around, enjoy going back over old posts and don’t forget to leave friendly notes in the comment sections. I always love to hear from you and my new home needs some love.

Thanks a million for your support and I hope that you’ll continue. 🙂


Sophie. xxx

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