Polly & Kyra – Equine Photography, Essex

I recently went over to visit Polly and her horse Kyra in Brentwood. Apparently, before I arrived, they’d had quite an energetic morning, when naughty Kyra decided to five-bar-gate-hop into her field of choice. So not the best of starts to the day.

But luckily, she seemed a little more settled by the time I arrived. What a diva. Lol!

Kyra, or ‘Sharragh Swatch’ is a six year-old, 17.1hh, Irish Draught cross Thoroughbred. The story about how Polly came to buy Kyra is pretty cool. She actually saw her first when she was looking for a horse for a friend, over in Ireland, back in November 2014. She loved her, but felt she wasn’t what they were looking for and wasn’t looking to buy for herself.

Fast forward to July 2015 when Polly sadly lost her last horse and was on the search for a newbie. She found out through the grapevine that Kyra was for sale once again! Fate or what?!

However, after having her less than a matter of months, Polly and Kyra were competing at Milton Keynes Eventing Centre when Kyra threw a shoe. What sounds like an uncomplicated incident ended up resulting in multiple vet bills and the discovery that she had bruised her navicular bone and torn her deep digital flexor tendon, right down inside her left front foot.

Kyra underwent over six months of field rest, months of box rest, hand walking, remedial shoes and small field rest, before she was sound enough to be ridden again. But disaster struck once again, just two days before Polly had planned to get back on board.

Kyra was lame again! After an MRI scan, Polly decided to take her shoes off and turn her away, to give her time to come right. Kyra has now been turned out for a number of months.

Polly plans to try and bring her back in to work at the beginning of 2017 and is keeping everything crossed. However, if the worse comes to worse, she already has the perfect broodmare home lined up for her. Kyra has the sweetest nature and is totally field sound (as demonstrated by her scope over the gate!!) so would make a great Mummy, but obviously Polly would love to be able to get her sound and rideable, if she can.

I wish you every success with her Polly. I feel you’re certainly due a miracle, for all your patience and TLC with this little lady. It was great to meet you both. She’s certainly quite a character! 😉

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