Jessica & Blue – A ‘Remember Me’ Shoot, Essex

A couple of weeks back I had quite an urgent message from Jessica to tell me that sadly, she was going to have to have her special boy put to sleep and she was hoping that I would be able to fit them in for a shoot before she had to say goodbye.

So I went over to meet Jessica and Blue, in Brentwood, the other week and capture some lasting memories for her.

Blue, or ‘Blobsta’ as he was regularly nicknamed, was a ten year-old Dutch Warmblood and Jessica had owned him since he was four. Not only was he huge, but he certainly had a character to match. He had a personality that you just instantly fall in love with.

During their time together, Jessica and Blue had plenty of ups and downs, including various medical problems. “He taught me everything I know – how to ride, how to cling on for dear life and the quick guide to becoming a vet!”

But when he was just seven years-old Blue began going lame with worrying frequency. Following a series of complications Jessica was forced to make the hardest decision any horse ownerever has to make and end his suffering.

“He was the most loving horse ever, I could literally kiss him all day long,” Jessica tells me. “It just wasn’t fair to put him through anymore stress and pain, as he was never going to be 100% sound. But I can honestly say that everyone that met him had a kind word to say about him, people would comment how beautiful he was wherever he went!”

And I can attest to that. He was a natural poser and the camera loved him. He was in my pockets and demanding cuddles from the moment I arrived and it was an absolute pleasure to be able to capture these memories for you, Jessica. I hope I have done him justice for you.


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