Erin & Coco – Equine Photography, Essex

You may have seen on one of my latest vlogs that Sherrie and I recently had a shoot with a very beautiful Friesian mare and her owner, Erin, over at Harold’s Park Farm, throughout which, it rained… The entire time! But just call us the dream team, because despite the awful weather, I am in love with this set of images!!

These two are just gorgeous together! It’s virtually impossible to get a bad photo of Coco anyway, but Sherrie was on tap to touch up any hair and makeup disasters that the rain caused and I think we did a great job of making it look considerably less miserable than it really was! Huge thank you to Erin, for being such a great sport and smiling through the rain.

Erin contacted me a few months back, to book a shoot as, in January, she is off to start a new chapter in her life, joining the Royal Artillery Kings Troop. Super cool! And Coco, her beautiful mare, will be turned out to live a quieter life. So Erin wanted some images to take away with her.

Coco, or ‘Jacoba Fan Lyts Hokwert’ when she’s feeling posh, (thanks for spelling that for me Erin! Lol!) is thirteen years old and was imported from Holland in October 2012, when Erin was just thirteen.

For the first nine years of her life she just lived out in a herd of Friesians and was super green when she came over to the UK. Erin has worked hard with her, over the past four years, competing in dressage at intro and prelim level, winning the junior league championships, competing for Team Quest and getting to the national finals, aswell as turning their hooves to winning championships in showing.

Outside of the competition ring Coco is even more versatile. Erin tells me that she loves going driving, with Erin’s dad and even enjoys popping the odd cross country fence. This girl really is quite the super allrounder. And such a sweetheart, too.

Erin tells me that Coco will now be turned out with a herd of horses, near their home and her mum and dad will continue to give her the love and attention she deserves, while Erin will look forward to visiting her when she is not busy with the Kings Troop.

I’m super excited for Erin, for her new journey. I’m sure it will be tonnes of hard work but mega rewarding and I’ll certainly be following your progress on Facebook. Make sure you stay in touch!


Hair & Makeup by Sherrie Warwick Hair & Make up Artist


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