Gemma & Storm – Equine Photoshoot, Essex

You may remember, at the beginning of the summer, when I went over to photograph baby Joey and his mum, Gem, the palomino Welsh Sec A ponies, who were quite popular on here.

Well, it was Gemma who originally booked that shoot for her mum, who owns Joey and Gem, and she also booked a shoot for later in the summer, for herself and her stunning chap, Storm.

Tynwydd Storm Force is a ten year-old Welsh Section C stallion, by the famous Croniarth Texas Gold and has been with Gemma for three years, now. He’s a pint sized pony, standing at just 12.3hh, but luckily his Mummy is very slight and they make the perfect pair.

And what he lacks in height, he sure makes up for in looks and personality.

Storm is a rare ‘sooty palomino’ (sometimes called chocolate palomino) and I just love his colouring! Gemma tells me that he was retained at stud for a while and 75% of his foals have been palomino.

Eventually Storm was put up for sale by his stud, so that he could be sold and broken to ride. Gemma wasn’t intending to buy any more horses but found herself at a sales and spotted him from across the venue, tied to the side of a lorry. She just knew she had to have him!

Gemma tells me that he’s the easiest little stallion she’s ever met and he was certainly pretty laid back about having his photo taken. (Not to mention super photogenic) Gemma says that he’s stabled next to mares, he hacks out in company, travels with others and is utterly bombproof in traffic. His only faux pas is the odd buck when he’d prefer not to work hard, lol.

Thank you so much for having me again and for introducing me to your super handsome little man! I love him!


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