Lawn Hall Livery – Equine & Country Business Shoot

Last week I went over to Lawn Hall Livery Yard, to meet the yard manager, Gemma Allen and create a set of shots for her to use on the yard’s online marketing pages.

Lawn Hall Livery is a beautiful yard set back from the beaten track, in the beautiful countryside of Dunmow, in Essex. The yard has a lovely, peaceful feel to it, with it’s fantastic facilities and long, welcoming driveway.

Gemma was working as a freelance groom and house sitter in 2008, when she stumbled upon the barns, as they were then. The lady that she had been house-sitting for asked her if she might know anybody who would be interested in them and Gemma decided to take a leap of faith.

Gemma and the farm owners worked together to transform the space into everything that would be needed to create a livery yard. “Watching the empty barns transform into tack lockers, stables and an arena was amazing,” Gemma tells me.

On 1st August 2008, Gemma took on her first liveries, one of which is still with her to this day. “The last eight years have been everything from stressful to exciting. As with all businesses we’ve had our ups and downs, but best of all I have now got five lovely ponies of my own, two of which are a rare breed, my Dales ponies, who I show.”

Due to Gemma’s perfectionism, Lawn Hall offers only full livery and everything is done to a very high standard. “All the horses are thoroughly spoilt and cared for as if they are my own.”

Gemma also takes in liveries for backing, breaking, rehabilitation and recuperation. And when space allows, she will also offer holiday livery.

“I absolutely love my yard and can’t imagine life without it. I love seeing all the happy, healthy horses, being enjoyed by their owners,” says Gemma.


To find out more about Lawn Hall Livery go to…
Facebook: Lawn Hall Livery


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