Charley & Charley – Equine Photography, Essex

My shoot over in Clacton at the weekend was an absolutely hysterical one. I was meeting up with my old friend from Writtle College, Lauren, who had bought a photoshoot for her younger sister, Charley’s twenty-first birthday.

Charley’s horse, who is also twenty-one, is coincidentally also called Charlie. So things can get a little confusing at times.

Charlie began his life as a racehorse, but Charley and Lauren have very little information about his early years.

Charlie was originally Lauren’s when she bought him eleven years ago, but their story goes back even further than that, when Charley and Lauren used to ride him in their local riding school, as children.

Charley says that she used to be quite scared of him, as he was ‘such a big grumpy ginger beast!’ But he’s certainly mellowed in his own age and now definitely favours Charley over all other humans.

When they first bought him as their own, Charlie used to enjoy showjumping, competing under the name of Red Devil’s Lad (after the family’s favourite football team, Manchester United, and Lauren’s initials, L.A.D.) and enjoy trips to the beach, but he decided that he wanted a quieter life when he stopped loading and made it quite clear that he nolonger wanted to participate in road trips.

Charlie now spends his days plodding around the farm he calls home and lapping up the TLC and kisses from Charley, Lauren and their mum, Karen. He really is quite the ladies man.

Our shoot was so funny. Charley was determined that she was going to ride bareback… until it came to actually getting on bareback, when she seemed to suddenly lose the ability to ride! We were in fits of giggles and Charley apologised to Charlie about a hundred times, for her incompetency and her jelly legs. But eventually, we got ourselves organised and got some beautiful shots.

Charley tells me, “He’s a big softie at heart, with a very cheeky personality. We all love him to pieces and couldn’t imagine life without him.”

Thank you, ladies (and Charlie) for having me. It was so lovely to see you and I had so much fun. Happy Birthday Charley!!



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