Vlog #1 – Beach Shoots, The Famous Gizmo & Learning How to Vlog

Everything I read, to do with marketing your business online and creating a better relationship with your audience, tells me that video is the way forward.

We’ve all seen it take over our Facebook news feed, with videos of cute cats and people doing silly things, being among the most popular. I love watching other peoples’ vlogs and very often have them playing in the background, whilst I’m editing photographs.

So, following the advice of a few different, well respected business coaches, I’m starting a vlog!


It’s pretty terrifying. Actually videoing myself feels odd enough, listening back to it is weirder still and now, publishing it online for you all to see, is a whole new level of angst. But some of the things I’ve been more scared to do, in business, in the past, have turned out to be the most effective, (blogging, for one!) so I’m ‘feeling the fear and doing it anyway’.

I’ve also challenged the members in the Equestrian Entrepreneurs Network Facebook Group to get vlogging, too, so hopefully some of them will join me on this new experiment, too. If you’re one of those people, I’d love for you to leave a link to your vlog in the comments below. 🙂


Currently my vlogging skills are pretty minimal, but I’m learning as I go along. I don’t know if it’ll become a regular thing, whether it’ll work for my kind of audience, if anybody will actually be interested in watching it, or whether it will just be something I try and decide not to pursue, but I’m giving it a go anyway and just testing the waters.

The videos are a behind the scenes look at my life as an equine photographer, running both my photography business and the Equestrian Entrepreneurs Network.


I hope you enjoy! 😀


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