Jodi & Clover – Equine Photoshoot, Holkham Beach, Norfolk

At the end of last summer, I got a message from Hannah, about her sister, Jodi and Jodi’s horse, Clover. She said, “It’s been Jodi’s life long dream to take her mare to Holkham Beach, in Norfolk, for a gallop. She would desperately like to go this year as her mare has several health conditions, which means she won’t be around for as long as we’d hoped. We’ve decided that once we get our new horsebox, we will arrange to go.”

Hannah originally thought that she might surprise Jodi by booking for me to turn up without her knowing, but in the end, it was more difficult than we thought, to get everything organised, so she purchased a gift voucher for Jodi, for Christmas and we booked a date to meet over at Holkham, last weekend.

I absolutely LOVE shooting at Holkham. It’s such an incredible beach with a huge expanse of space and beautiful views as far as you can see. So I was so excited to photograph this gorgeous pair over there.

Clover is a very eye-catching, seventeen year-old, lemon and white mare. She certainly turns heads wherever she goes. Jodi has owned Clover for nine years, since she was just thirteen years old, when she bought her as a confidence giver.

Clover, who’s showname is ‘Back Before Dark’, is super safe and tries her best at everything Jodi asks of her. They really have given everything a go, too… Show jumping, dressage, cross country, jump cross, hunting, long distant rides, beach rides, camp, horsey holidays… You name it.

But three years ago, when Clover suddenly appeared unable to stand, she was diagnosed with severe metabolic syndrome, after spending a week at both Bell Equine and Newmarket Equine Hospital.

Jodi managed to get the condition under control, only to be hit with another blow, when Clover was later also diagnosed with navicular. Again, the condition can only be managed, not cured. So Jodi and Clover take each day at a time, live a bit of a slower pace of life, but are determined to make the most of every single moment. Jodi tells me that they have good days and bad days. I think it’s safe to say that our day at Holkham was most certainly a very good day. Clover had a blast and her conditions were forgotten, even just for a while.

“She has always been my absolute world. The pony I couldn’t wait to run out of school and see. I’m now 23 and still feel the same. She has manners to die for, a real cheeky character, throws everything within her reach, eats for England and gets away with murder,” Jodi tells me. “I’ve always wanted to take Clover to Holkham. But she was never well enough to go. I’ve waited years, but she’s always either on box rest, or poorly. So it was definitely on my bucket list, with her.”

I’m absolutely thrilled to have been there when you fulfilled that dream, Jodi and to have been able to capture it on camera for you. Thank you so much for having me there on that special day and a big thank you to your lovely sister, Hannah, for having the idea in the first place! I had so much fun!


Now fully booked for June & July.

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