Jackie, Gypsy & Joshua – The One That’s Been A Long Time Coming

This shoot has been on the cards for sooo long! Poor Jackie has had one disaster after another, leading to this shoot being postponed a number of times and I’m so thrilled that we finally got this done for her and that the weather played ball.

I met Jackie when I photographed her sister, Stephanie and her horse, Finn, over in Sompting, West Sussex. Stephanie enjoyed her shoot so much that she purchased a gift voucher for Jackie for Christmas, in 2014.

Jackie’s two horses, Josh and Gypsy (loving the alliteration! Lol!) are half siblings. They are both Irish Draught cross Thoroughbreds, from the Meiklecantly Stud, in Turriff, Aberdeen and by coloured stallion ‘Lucky Dealer’. Both of them have been with Jackie since they were just weanlings. And just like brothers and sisters, they have a definite love-hate relationship, that consists mostly of Josh following Gypsy around like a puppy dog and her pulling faces at him, lol!

The little coloured mare is eighteen year-old Gypsy. Or ‘Meiklecantly Lucky Sovereign’. Gypsy most enjoys showing and cross-country, but really isn’t a fan of showjumping, have knocked Jackie out three times when forced to partake. Lol!

However, Gypsy has been a bit of a walking vet bill, over the years. In August 2013, she blew a tendon and went in for a routine tendonoscopy under GA. But a routine op turned into a bit of a nightmare when she struggled to get up in the recovery room and developed muscle myopathy.

Then in December 2014 Jackie found Gypsy in the field, covered in blood (But still grazing, obviously. Because, priorities!) having completely ‘degloved’ the skin from the inside of her hock, right down to her fetlock. It was this that really put our shoot back. Poor Gypsy (and a devoted Jackie) has undergone a gruelling eighteen months of recovery and care, including regular bandage changes that took a full forty minutes, and her leg finally looks somewhat normal, with some hair growth just starting to come through.

Then we have the very handsome, sixteen year-old Joshua, who is ‘Meiklecantly Abacadabra’. When Jackie first got him he was jet black and white, but you can only just make out the patches if you look closely, now.

Believe it or not, luck has not been kind to Jackie has Josh also had to have a skin graft on his leg, when he was just nine months old, after being kicked in the field.

Josh loves to jump and has competed in showjumping, cross country and one day eventing. He also quite a talent at dressage, but would rather not, lol. And showing he really is happy to pass on, as he just can’t be doing with standing around for so long.

Josh is quite a Mummy’s Boy and despite his size, hides behind Jackie when he is nervous. How he thinks his 5ft4 human is going to protect all 17.1hh of him, I’m not entirely sure, but it’s cute all the same.

Jackie tells me that her aim for the future is to have no more vets bills, do a spot of veteran showing with Gypsy and overcome her fear of jumping with Josh, to just do a bit of local clear round.

I can’t tell you how pleased I am to share this set of photos, Jackie. I felt like we were never going to get there and you so deserve something nice, after everything you’ve been through with this clumsy (but loveable) pair, lol. We did it!!


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