Jo, Jo & Lilly – The Palomino Princess

Last week I went over to Epping Forest to visit the two Jo’s. Epping has to be one of my favourite parts of Essex. Every time I have a shoot over there, I don’t want to leave. So if anybody in Epping has a spare room and wants a lodger, hit me up. 😉

Anyway… Jo No.1 contacted me a little while back to book a shoot with what she calls her ‘dizzy blonde’. Said dizzy blonde is also known as Lilly and is a twenty-four year-old, palomino, Cob x Arab (they think).

Jo has owned Lilly for fifteen years now. When she first arrived, she was super nervous and needed a lot of time and patience, before she settled. Jo tells me that in the early days, it could take as long as half an hour to get a bridle on her.

Now, Miss Lilly is pretty laid back. Their yard backs straight onto Epping Forest, with the most incredible hacking at their disposal. So Lilly was more than happy to plod around the forest with us, watching dogs and little boys with footballs pass us by, as she posed. Her only nemisis these days seems to be bicycles, which she’d prefer kept their distance and she voices this by snorting loudly at them, to keep them away.

However, Jo tells me that although Lilly has come a very long way, she is still a total diva. She apparently ‘looks for things to spook at’ and has a pretty impressive spin on her, when she’s had enough.

“She can be a little minxy madam, and is commonly known as the palomino princess.”

Jo No.2 is Lilly’s second mum and has shared her for around eight years. Jo No.1 tells me that Jo No.2 spoils her way too much. 😉 She’s like the auntie that spoils your children and sends them home hyped up on sugar. Lol! But Lilly is clearly a much loved little lady and a very lucky girl.

It was such a beautiful evening, spent with these three. Quite a contrast to the miserable weather we are experiencing now.

Thank you, ladies, for a lovely visit and for letting me photograph your golden girl. She was quite a pleasure!!


Now fully booked for June & July.
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