Mollie, Diesel, Jubbly & Trousers – Equine Photography, Essex

Last week, I was a very spoilt girl. Anybody who knows me, knows that I’m a little bit (read ‘very’) obsessed with ponies of the patchy variety!

So when Mollie introduced me to her gang of coloured ponies, I struggled to maintain my professional air and contain my excitement. (Who am I kidding?) If I could have bundled them all into the boot of my Mini, I would have! Especially the squidgy little traditional that smothered me in kisses as soon as we met!

Mollie keeps her horses at home in Waltham Abbey and one of her livieries, Tiffany, was a client of mine a couple of years back. So, for Christmas, as a thank you for all Mollie’s hard work with her ponies, Tiffany bought her a photoshoot gift voucher (and then proceeded to gatecrash the shoot, but that’s a story for another day. 😉 )

The first of Mollie’s ponies to make his modelling debut was my fave!! (I know, I shouldn’t have favourites but OMG, just LOOK. AT. HIM!) Five year-old traditional stallion, Diesel, was SUCH a character and I just spent the whole time drooling over all that silky mane and feather.

Mollie purchased Diesel as a yearling, unseen, from Facebook, when a lady messaged her to say that she’d rescued a number of baby gypsy cobs in Wales, but had one little chap that was just too good to stand in the field and do nothing. Mollie hadn’t dreamed he would be quite so gorgeous and also says that he is just a pleasure to do, in every way. In fact, he is so laid back about mares that she wonders if he may have alternative preferences.

Diesel has just recently been graded with CHAPS and will be coming out under saddle, in novice classes this year. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for him. What a little hunk!

Second up was Jubbly. ‘Reevesgate Diamond Jubilee’ is Mollie’s extremely smart, four year-old stallion. This chap has serious presence and is a very exciting prospect for the future, for Mollie. He is by well known coloured stallion, Honeypot Sporran, who has a long list of successful progeny, and out of Mollie’s show hunter pony mare, Brookfarm Heavenly.

Jubbly wasn’t entirely keen on having his photographing taken. The whole process was a little bit boring and slow for a lively, curious young stallion. But luckily, he is so incredibly charismatic, that even when he was more intent on watching the horses in the field beyond, he still looked like a supermodel!

Jubbly has been shown in hand and stood Reserve Cuddy at Bucks County, which must have been incredible for Mollie, seeing as he is home-bred. Jubbly is currently going through the process of being slowly backed, but Mollie is giving him all the time he needs, as she says he still quite immature. The plan is to eventually do dressage with him, too.

And last, but very certainly not least, was the very sweet, mannerly Trousers, (can we just take a second to appreciate that name!) And he showed everyone how a true model is supposed to behave!

As is very often true of these shoots, Mollie predicted that Trousers might be the naughtiest to photograph, but it turns out he was hands down the best, as he stood like a rock and smiled in all the right places. If you tell me your horse is going to be a pickle, I will lay money on them being an angel! I don’t know why, but it’s just always the way. So I love it when people tell me their ponies are little devils! Lol!

Mollie bought Trousers as a newly backed project, when he was three years old, intending to bring him on and sell him. He’s now nine and is well and truly part of the family. Trousers came third at RIHS last year, so is certainly earning his keep. Mollie tells me that she plans to try some HOYS qualifiers with him this year. She says that he is never going to be a world beater but the pair of them just click. He is more of a big pet than anything else and I think he may secretly be her favourite.

Thank you so much, Mollie, for allowing me to photograph your truly gorgeous boys. I bet not all photographs get to kiss their most handsome male models! I’m a lucky lady. 😉

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