Gem & baby Joey – Equine Photography, Essex

Warning: Cuteness overload!

Last week I got asked to spend a perfect, sunny evening watching a beautiful, bouncing, newborn frolicking around his field… And who am I to say no?! How idyllic.

I have a shoot booked later in the summer for Gemma and her ponies, but she contacted me recently to see if I’d be able to come over in the next week or so to document the arrival of their newest addition, little baby Joey, whilst he was still tiny.

Joey’s mum, Tynwydd Golden Gem (Gem), belongs to Gemma’s mum, Lorraine and was purchased in foal, from Tynwydd Stud in Anglesey. And on 8th April, gorgeous little Joey made his debut into the world.

Joey is a stunning, little, palomino, Welsh Section A colt, by Brynseion Persimmon and he kept us all very much entertained with his high kicks and fly bucks. Not to mention the moment he skidded across the muddiest part of the paddock, on his side, ruining all of the hard work Lorraine had put into getting him clean. Lol! Typical little boy!

Mummy Gem, who is just the prettiest little Barbie pony, has had various successes in showing, as a youngster and Gemma and Lorraine tell me that they will continue to do a some local showing with Gem, Joey and their other ponies, but that they are beloved pets, first and foremost.

Thank you very much for having me, Lorraine. There are certainly worse ways to spend an evening! I look forward to seeing how Joey has grown when I visit you again later on in the summer. 🙂



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