Steve Dent Stunt Team – Sam Dent, Expressivo, Pinocchio, Aroma & Rusty

Ok, I think this may be my favourite shoot, ever!! And I’m so excited to share just a handful of the results with you. Last week, I got to spend the evening with the most incredible team of horses, and their very lovely owner. And we were bless with the perfect evening for it, too. I took a trip over to Hertfordshire to meet four of the very talented members of the Steve Dent Stunts – Horses & Carriages and Steve’s daughter, Sam Dent.

With 30 year’s experience as stunt coordinators and horse masters for both film and TV industry, Steve, Sam and family provide horses for some of the biggest movie titles to hit our screens, including Snow White, Les Misérables, Gladiator, James Bond films, War Horse, Robin Hood, amongst over 350 others! Their filmography is staggering!

Sam is Steve’s eldest daughter and before becoming a horsemaster and stunt performer herself, she competed for over ten years. It is clear, to anybody who sees her working with these awesome animals, that Sam absolutely adores her horses! They all seem to love what they do and are so ready to please Sam. It is a real joy to watch such an incredible relationship between horse and owner. Not to mention the lap of luxury that they live in. Lol. These are the movie stars of the horse world!

The first horse I was introduced to was Spanish horse, Expressivo. Expressivo is one of the resident ‘rearers’ and he loves his job SO much, that sometimes he will even do it without being asked. 😉 He has appeared in the Women’s Health advert, ridden by a naked Jodie Kidd, posing as Lady Godiva. Pip, who works at the yard, was kind enough to demonstrate Expressivo’s skills for us.

Next up was a horse that truly took my breath away. I could have photographed him all day long! Stunning stallion, Pinocchio, is regularly ridden tack-less and has a CV to rival any Hollywood movie star! His most recent work will is currently in cinema’s now, in ‘The Huntsman: Winter’s War’, where he is Chris Hemsworth’s main horse. However, you may not spot him straight away, as he has been died black for the occasion. (And his roots haven’t quite grown out, yet) Lol!

Pinocchio was also the main horse in ‘Cinderella’ and can be seen galloping tack-less in the iconic Cinderella photo. I think Sam quite enjoyed recreating her very own ‘Cinderella moment’, on our shoot.

Next I met Aroma and Rusty. Aroma, the bay Portugese stallion, is Sam’s personal favourite (don’t tell the other horses!). He was also in the Cinderella film, amongst others and was SUCH a poser! 😉

Rusty is the grey, lying down and was the most laid back of them all. A true industry veteran, he has played the part of the lead actors’ horse in many, many films and will soon be on our screens in the upcoming Beauty and the Beast film.

Sam, you have the coolest job in the world and I really can’t thank you enough for inviting us over to meet your gorgeous boys and letting them strut their stuff for my camera! You were all so welcoming and such great sports. We had such a fantastic evening and I just couldn’t wait to share these photos from our time with you. I’ve been wanting to do a shoot like this for years now and I’m so glad that I managed to do it with you guys! Don’t forget, if you’re ever in need of film extras, you have my number! 😉


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