Abbie & Jasper – Equine Photoshoot, Cambridge

On a beautiful sunny evening, I travelled over to Cambridge to meet Sarah, her daughter Abbie and the very charming Jasper.

Before I arrived, Sarah warned me that Jasper might not be the best model to work with. She told me that he was a bit of a fidget and that she didn’t know how many good images we’d be able to get and how likely he’d be to stand still. Well, I can quite honestly say that I could have photographed this stunning chap all day long!!

Sarah and Abbie have had their seven year-old, Welsh Section D stallion, since he was six months old and he is quite the allrounder.

He began his ridden career competing in flat showing classes, with Sarah, qualifying for RIHS in his first year, as a five year-old, as well as being placed in multiple HOYS qualifiers.

When he was six, Sarah deciding on a change of direction and started competing him in British Eventing. Sarah tells me that he absolutely excels at jumping, tackling anything you put in front of him and just loves his eventing. Abbie also competed him in Junior British Showjumping classes.

And now this year Abbie and Sarah are planning to compete him in a variety of disciplines, including trying their hand at Mountain & Moorland working hunter classes, too. What a mega little horse!

In addition to all of those talents, I think you’ll agree, he has looks and charisma to die for. It’s always exciting for me to photograph horses that just ooze presence, and that’s exactly how I would describe Jasper. He is a bit of a monkey, a typical boy and impatient to get on with whatever is coming next, but he absolutely knows how handsome he is and makes sure all eyes are on him!

Despite Sarah’s warnings, he was a total angel to photograph. He stood for us, posed for us, lapped up all of Abbie’s cuddles… He was such a pleasure to work with and did his level best to make liars out of his owners! 😉 It’s always the way. Lol!

Thank you to Sarah and Abbie, for having me. Jasper is an absolute credit to you and I’m so pleased with this beautiful set of images. I hope you guys are, too!


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