Rachel & Tia – Equine Photography, Essex

I’ve been taking a bit of a break lately. I’ve had personal things to deal with and have been concentrating hard on growing the Equestrian Entrepreneurs Network, my other project.

So, it was fab to get back in the saddle (pun totally intended) and be out shooting the most gorgeous pair, earlier in the week.

I met Rachel over at her yard in Langdon Hills, where she introduced me to her princess. The very, VERY beautiful, five year old Friesian mare, Tia.

I absolutely love Rachel’s choice of outfit. I entirely appreciate that not everybody loves to dress up glam, but I really do appreciate when a client goes all out and embraces the experience. A red lip, a red dress and all of that beautiful blonde hair, in contrast to Tia’s black coat, is just so striking and really makes the colours pop!

“Life is better in red lipstick.”

Rachel has only owned Tia for a little over a month, but their story goes back a lot further than that. This partnership began when Tia was just a wobbly three year-old. Rachel has trained her from the very beginning, due to her owner being unable to ride her herself.

Together, Rachel and Tia have qualified for the Trailblazers, first and second rounds, at Stoneleigh Park, They have competed at the Stoneleigh championships, won their first class, with 78%, putting them through to the final section the second day, where they then finished a very respectable third, with 72%, missing out on taking reserve champion by just 0.3%. Quite a start to Tia’s ridden career!

It was after this success, having formed such a strong bond with her beautiful mare, that Rachel recognised that she needed Tia in her life on a more permanent basis. So she scraped her pennies together and bought Tia as her own.

Just one month into official ownership and Rachel tells me that Tia is already showing potential working at elementary at home. In the future Rachel hopes to compete in dressage regionals and nationals, right the way up to Grand Prix.

Thank you so much to Rachel, for your patience and for being such a great sport and to Tia for just being such a supermodel!


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