Three Reasons I Blog About EVERY Shoot

If you are a regular follower of my work, you will have noticed, that I share every single shoot I do, online. I share a handful of images from each shoot along with a write up and the story of my client and their horse(s). It’s one of my favourite things about my job, telling the story of each partnership I meet.

I share this in it’s entirety on my Facebook page and on my blog and then I share the relevant links on Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.

Yes, it’s a lot of work. So why do I bother? Well, there are a few reasons…


It Holds Me Accountable

If I know that I have to share every single shoot I do, online, it means that I have to deliver. Every. Single. Time! There’s no hiding, there’s no pretending that shoot didn’t happen… I can’t turn up, look at the less-than-desirable location and think, ‘I’ll just get some shots and get out of here.’ I have to think of ways to create the very best images I am capable of creating, because I know that not only is the client going to see them, but so is anybody that follows or stumbles across my website, blog or social media pages.

When you run a business alone, it’s easy to get into bad habits. There’s nobody to kick your butt when you don’t do something properly and things can quite easily just get brushed under the carpet. This is my way of kicking my own butt!

Equine Photography, Essex: Laura & Mr. Magoo - Sophie Callahan Photography


My Clients Expect It (And They Deserve It!)

If I were to only share the images and stories of some of my clients, what is that saying to those who didn’t get featured? You’re not pretty enough. Your images weren’t good enough. I didn’t really like you. Ok, no, of course it isn’t, but naturally, we humans are insecure beings, and that is what they will think.

I share all of my shoots, because every single one of my clients is important and their story and photographs deserve that page space and that extra effort.

Equine Photography, Essex : Teri & Sander, Friesian Stallion - Sophie Callahan Photography


It’s My Marketing Strategy

So many people say to me ‘Yeh, blogging’s great, but I just don’t have the time for it.’ Ok, well let’s look at it this way… Would you ever say ‘Yeh, marketing is great but I just don’t have time for it.’ Of course you wouldn’t! And if you do, good luck building a successful business. Blogging, Facebook, social media, etc. is my marketing strategy. And it can be yours, too.

It’s great for SEO, because search engines love newly updated, lengthy content with lots of juicy keywords and tags. It gives your clients something to share. It gives your followers something to enjoy, engage with and keep coming back for and it puts you in front of so many more people. Every time your client shares their images/blog, or every time you tag them in their images on Facebook, you are reaching out to a whole new network, of their friends, many of whom are very likely part of your target audience.

I’ve built blogging and social media into my business. It’s as much part of my workflow as editing is. I have a system for each shoot and when I’m looking at what I need to get done for that set of images, and the time I’ve got to do it, writing a blog and sharing the images is one of those tasks.

If you ‘don’t have time’ for blogging and social media, I strongly recommend that you make time. I don’t spend any money on advertising. I don’t pay to hold a trade stand at events. I don’t even invest in Facebook ads, other than the occasional targeted campaign at, say, Christmas. But I do put a lot of time and effort into blogging and sharing each shoot I do. And it’s been the most useful tool I’ve ever invested in.


Do you blog? Share your link in the comments below. Or if you’ve got other reasons for blogging, to add, please feel free to tell us about them!


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3 Responses to Three Reasons I Blog About EVERY Shoot

  1. Alyssa says:

    I have tried to blog, and blog consistantly. However, I struggle with finding the right words and write and rewrite. I burn myself out with blogging, but deep down I want to (and know how great it could be for my business). I’m trying to make some changes where I’ll feel more comfortable with blogging, but it’s a work in progress 😊

  2. Dragon Dressage says:

    I blog for fun, I do love knowing that people read my posts. I get a real kick out of the whole horsey social media scene.

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