Heather & Megs – Equine Photography, Essex

When Heather and I were discussing her shoot, she said to me ‘I hope you don’t mind the mud!’ Well, obviously I don’t mind the mud. What kind of equine photographer would I be if I declared that I worked with ponies at clean, dry yards only? Lol! I’d be poor, that’s what I’d be! But Heather really wasn’t kidding. Their little private yard in Little Easton really is knee-high in mud, at the moment. Gotta love the British weather!

Not only that, but Heather’s Shire mare, Megs, is huuuuge! So it isn’t just a case of finding a little dry spot of grass and standing her to pose.This horse needs space! Lots of it. And available space was just caked in mud. I felt so sorry for Heather, who’d done a great job getting Megs’s feathers white, when all her hard work was ruined, as soon as we stepped foot out of the barn. There was just no way around it. So… we embraced it! 😀

We had fits of giggles, as Megs ploughed through the bog, with Heather skiing along behind, and we ended up gravitating towards the highest point of the hill, just so that Heather could get her footing on dry(ish) land.

Mud and great British winters aside, this was a great shoot. Megs is incredible. She is seven years-old and stands proud and still slightly bum-high, at 18hh! Her showname is Elmbrook Lady Margaret and she was bred by Heather’s Grandad. Heather has had her for two years now.

Heather backed Megs herself and together, they embarked on their first full show season, last year. The pair won three shows, towards the end of year, including qualifying for Equifest’s ‘British Ridden Heavy Horse of the Year’ class. Heather would love to continue this successful streak and eventually has her sights set on the heavy horse class at HOYS and the possibility of breaking her to drive!

Megs is just the sweetest person. She was super gentle, absolutely loved cuddles and kisses and I get the impression she doesn’t have a bad bone in her. What a poppet. She has no idea how large she is and I think she might prefer to be a lap dog, given the chance.

I have to thank Heather, for being such a brilliant sport, rocking a dress and boots, despite the conditions and to Heather’s other half, for sliding down the hill, with Megs in tow. Thanks for having me!

Now booking for Spring/Summer 2016. Get in touch to book your shoot!


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