Samantha & Romulus – Equine Photography, Essex

The weather wasn’t very bright at all, when I went over to visit Samantha and Rom, in Brentwood. But when I was met by Sam’s three very orange fur-babies, it certainly brightened up my day.

As Sam introduced me to her gorgeous Irish Sports Horse, Romulus, she tells me that he wasn’t exactly what she’d been looking for when she went over to Ireland to find her next horse. “I’ve never really loved chestnuts”, she said. At this point, I looked up at a bright ginger Rom and then down at Cody and Suki, Sam’s very orange Hungarian Vizslas and I couldn’t help question how well she knew her own preferences, lol.

Sam bought her ten year-old, Romulus III, when she took a trip to Ireland in 2014 and fell in love with his ‘easy-going attitude and willingness to try’ and she tells me that has been an absolute gem since the day she bought him home.

It’s true, he wasn’t quite what she was after, but he has proven worth his weight in gold, excelling at both dressage and eventing. “I’m slowly turning him in to a dressage diva, or he could be actually turning me into one, as he has really shown that he can turn his hoof to anything,” Sam tells me. “Rom loves his work. He is the type of horse that needs a purpose. He is not content with being a field ornament.”

Sam and Rom have competed at prelim up until now and are moving up to novice for 2016. They’ve even given a bit of freestyle to music a bash, just for kicks. But Rom’s real passion is for eventing. The pair did a fair bit of eventing last season, but sadly their season was cut short in July due to tendon strain.

It seems they have plenty of plans to make up for that this year, though. Sam says that Rom absolutely adores cross country, storming around the countryside and they are aiming for the Grassroots Championships this year, with the ambition of moving up a level towards the end of the season.

We had hoped to get a photograph of Rom, Suki and Cody all together, but the dogs were terrified of Rom and the nearest we got them was the photo of Suki hot-footing it back to me for safety. It was quite a circus, and a lot of laughs, trying to get them to comply. So, in the end, we shot them individually instead, and used a bit of photoshop magic to bring them altogether. I hope that’s turned out how you wanted, Sam. 🙂


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