Alexandra, Louie & Jac – Equine Photography, Essex

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Alexandra and her two stunning ponies, Louie and Jac, over in Billericay. These three have only been at this yard for a short while, after recently moving to Essex from their previous home. So they’re still getting settled in, but it was such a cute little location and despite the grey and dreary weather, we had a really lovely shoot.

First to take centre stage was the lovely Louie. Louie is a palomino, five year-old, Welsh Sec D x Arab and Alexandra has owned him since he was a foal. His very posh showname is ‘Dolybont Llewellyn’ and he has done a fair bit of showing, as well as a few sponsored rides.

Alexandra says that Louie is super cheeky and loves getting out and about, seeing new places and experiencing new things. She says that he is as brave as a lion and she trusts him implicitly. So sweet.

Second in line was Jac, who is also only five years-old and is a Welsh D. These two boys are like chalk and cheese. Where Louie is brave and bold, Jac is Mr. Sensitive and you can really see that in his expression, too. He has been with Alexandra since he was three years old and has also done his share of showing.

Alexandra tells me that he is as good and as brave as his rider and you definitely have to offer him courage and reassurance. She backed both boys and has done everything with them herself, so she clearly knows their individual characters inside out.

Alexandra had a little baby girl earlier this year, so 2015 has been a fairly quiet one for Louie and Jac. But she has lots of plans for them for next year. She’d like to do some dressage with Louie and she’s aiming for working hunter classes and Royal Windsor with Jac.

I had such a lovely morning with Alexandra and her boys, despite getting horrendously lost on the way and having to dodge the rain showers, lol. I love when I meet clients that are super sweet, make lots of effort and I feel like I just click with them. Alexandra, you were definitely one of those!! Thank you so much for having me.


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