Hanna, Hermie, Rose, Rusty & Manny – Equine Photography, Essex

Last week I went over to visit Hanna and her four ponies. You may have seen the behind the scenes phone photo I put up. I was super excited about this shoot and I know you guys are going to love these, because two of my models were just so stinkin’ cute!! I very nearly bundled them into the boot of my car and took them home to live with me.

Hanna has only had her two Shetland foals for three weeks. Before that, they were pretty much un-handled and were weaned on the day Hanna and her family collected them. They came all the way from Hermit’s Stud, in Yorkshire, down to Hanna’s home in Essex. So, it’s been a stressful month for these little guys, but despite the big upheaval in their lives, they were super chilled out and more than happy to have cuddles and pose.

First up was the little coloured pony, Hermie. His posh name is Hermits Invictus and he is six months old. And his little buddy, who is actually lemon and white, but looks like a light palomino in her winter woolies, is Hermits Vanilla Rose, or Rose to her friends. And she is just four months old and sooo dinky!! Hanna said she looks like a sheep, because she’s just so fluffy, but I decided she looks like a cloud, which I think gives her a little bit more street-cred. Hanna and her family hope to show these two little babies next year and plan to have lots of fun with them.

I also met Hanna’s other two ponies, whilst I was there. Rusty, the chestnut, is the veteran of the family and has been with Hanna for five and a half years. When Rusty first arrived he was super nervous and very sharp, so it took him and Hanna a while to gel, but after about a year, they began to bond and never looked back. The pair mainly competed in showjumping, including winning and going champion at the Tendring Show and qualifying for PoniesUK.

And then last but not least, I met Manny. Manny is Hanna’s very handsome Connemara pony, who she has owned for about a year now. Just one and a half months after buying him, Manny was kicked in the field and suffered a shattered splint bone. The injury needed operating on and then became infected. Manny is fighting fit again now, but obviously Hanna and Manny got off to a bit of a slow start. They are now jumping and are aiming for working hunter classes next year.

Thank you so much to Hanna and her family for inviting me over to their beautiful home and letting me loose on their gorgeous fluffy gang. And I know you guys are just going to adore Hermie and Rose!


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