Georgia & Boyo – Mud to Makeup Photoshoot, Essex

Last week, Sherrie and I took a little trip over to Sudbury to meet Georgia and Boyo. Storm Barney was finally calming down, but in the days leading up to our shoot, the forecast was still predicting a high chance of wind and rain.

Now, I’d shot at this yard before and due to it being very open and at the top of a hill, I know that it can be super windy even on the best of days. So I was praying for mild weather. And on the day of our shoot, we got our miracle. Despite days of rain and gale force winds leading up to the date, the sun was shining!

(Seriously, I know people think I’m talking rubbish when I say winter shoots are beautiful, but just look at this!! You do not get this low, magical light in the early afternoon, in summer. I love it!!)

Not only was the sun shining, but as we continued on with the shoot, a big, heavy rain cloud loomed overhead. But our luck was on a roll and the cloud literally circled around us, leaving us with the most beautiful winter light. It was so gorgeous that we could almost forget that our fingers, toes and noses were frozen numb. Almost! Winter definitely arrived that day.

I am so, so pleased with the images from this shoot. Sometimes, everything just comes together as you want it to and this was one of those occasions. The light was stunning, Sherrie did a fabulous job on hair and make-up, Georgia and Boyo were super easy to work with and everything just fell into place. And I’m even more thrilled that it all went so well because the shoot was on the day of Georgia’s eighteenth birthday, so it was important to us that she enjoyed her experience.

Georgia found nineteen year-old, Gypsy Cob cross Thoroughbred, Boyo, when she was searching for a horse to compete specifically in working hunter classes. She’d viewed plenty of potential candidates but just hadn’t found ‘the one’. Her instructor, Charlie Letham, had mentioned that she used to know of a coloured horse, called ‘All Fired Up’, who would have been just right, but that she hadn’t seen him competing for a while and didn’t know where he was now.

Georgia and her mum, Rachel, put a wanted advert on Horsequest, to see if that brought them any luck. Soon after the advert had gone online, they received a phone-call about a horse that would suit Georgia’s needs, called ‘All Fired Up’. The exact same horse that Charlie had suggested would be perfect for Georgia!

Long story short, Georgia fell instantly in love and All Fired Up, or Boyo, as he is known to his friends, became the newest member of the family.

Sadly, as the pair started to do well together, competing in 15hh working hunter classes across the country, somebody objected to Boyo’s height. If somebody makes an official (anonymous) objection, the horse has to be re-measured, even if it already has a ‘life height’ certificate. Rachel and Georgia hadn’t even considered that this may be a problem for them. Boyo was already fourteen years-old and had been competing successfully in 15hh classes for years, even competing at HOYS. So they were gutted when he measured over 15hh and could no longer compete in those classes.

Georgia gave the larger, intermediate classes a go for a while, doing fairly well, but soon decided that the tracks were just that bit too much for her. So, it was either sell Boyo and find another horse that would fit their original requirements, or change direction.

“He’s a one in a million horse and I wouldn’t part with him for love nor money. He’s become my best friend,” says Georgia. So, that was that. Boyo was staying and Georgia was giving up on her ambition of competing in working hunter classes.

Since then, Georgia and Boyo have tried their hand at hunter trials, show jumping, hunting and competed at the Pony Club championships, in both novice and intermediate showjumping. And next year, Georgia hopes to compete in some BE competitions, too. I wish them every success! I think they really deserve it.

Huge thank you to Rachel, for booking the shoot, to Sherrie for just being so great at what she does and to Georgia and Boyo, who made this shoot super easy. Did I every mention that I love my job?

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One Response to Georgia & Boyo – Mud to Makeup Photoshoot, Essex

  1. povp says:

    Wow, your pictures are amazing. As a newbie equine photographer, this is what I aspire te achieve some day.

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