Isobel & George – Equine Photography, Essex

This is such a heart-warming story of a little spotty horse and a young girl who found one another at exactly the right time.

I think it’s fair to say that George was not my most enthusiastic model. In fact, he’s more one of those brooding, moody types. But luckily for him, he may be a little devil, but he’s a super handsome devil. ūüėČ And luckily for her, he really loves his mummy.

I went over to visit Isobel and her spotted chestnut roan, Appaloosa cross Thoroughbred last week, at George’s home at the Eastminster Riding School. Izzy has owned her spotty boy for two years and he has helped her battle through some incredibly difficult times.

You would never know, when you meet her, but this gorgeous, bubbly, smiley, chatty young lady fights a constant battle with psychosis and depression and after Izzy grew out of her beloved Welsh pony and they parted ways, she found herself in a really low place, with no pony in her life to love. Izzy’s parents decided that she needed a reason to fight her illness and that a new horse would be the way forward.

It was on the way home from a failed viewing that Isobel found George’s advert, whilst browsing through Horsemart on her phone. She had originally wanted a big chestnut hunter, to show, so George, who’s showname is Irish Disco Biscuit, definitely didn’t fit the criteria. But something about him appealed to her and she made plans to go and see him. When she first laid eyes on him, he was a little scabby, a little scrawny and a quite a lot worse for wear, having been shipped back and forth from Ireland, between dealers, but Izzy knew that she would be buying him and that they would help one another to get better.

Isobel says that George gave her a reason to wake up every day and to stay strong through the toughest parts of her depression. Over their time together they have won a collection of red rosettes, had a go at cross country, hunting and are planning on doing more showing next year, with Equifest and Royal International in their sights. Izzy says that he can be ‘a real grot’ to others and I can attest to the fact that it’s best to stay away from his teeth, lol, but I absolutely love how much this little horse means to Izzy.

I’m so grateful to Isobel, for letting me share her and George’s story with you. It’s such a beautiful example of how much horses impact on our lives and how they are so much more than just a hobby. This is what I love so much about my job. These stories, these people and these horses. May you continue to fight, Izzy and may George continue to give you reason.


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