Caroline & Squire – Equine Photography, Surrey

Reasons to love Autumn…

1. Pumpkin flavoured everything.
2. Fluffy socks and open fires.
3. These colours!!!

I am having such a blast shooting all of these gorgeous, golden, Autumnal colours at the moment. I wish the world looked this pretty ALL the time.

Last weekend I went over to visit Caroline and her very handsome boy, Squire. And we had a lovely time exploring the Surrey countryside and trying to stop Squire from rolling in the mud! Squire lives on the most adorable little yard, so we had oodles of backdrops to make use of. And we even took a little walk to a beautiful, leafy lane, backing onto an open field, so Squire could stretch his legs. As you can see, this was most definitely his fave part of the shoot!

Squire is nineteen years-old and came over from Ireland about fourteen years ago. He was described as a seven year-old, 16.2hh, Irish Sports Horse. Turns out he was more of a five year-old, 17.2hh Shire cross! Lol! Quite a difference, his mahoosive dinner-plate feet and head as big as my torso being a fairly big giveaway.

Over the years, Squire, who’s registered name is ‘Akarana Squire’, has done a bit of everything, from hunting to dressage and now offers his services in the odd RDA lesson. What a sweet gentleman.

Caroline has known Squire for most of his life, and he actually belongs to her good friends, Sally and China, who own and run Little Brook Equestrian, a riding school and RDA centre, in Newchapel. They basically just allow Caroline to treat Squire as her own and it’s a win-win for everybody.

Caroline is a primary school teacher and has limited time available in the week, so she knows that Squire is in the best of hands, whilst she has to work and spends her time hacking him out at the weekends. Squire has somebody to love and dote on him and isn’t just another riding school pony, and Sally and China have somebody that they know adores Squire, to look after him when he isn’t being used on the riding school. Such a lovely arrangement.

I understand that Squire went through quite a traumatic time, with his health, a few years ago. But he is certainly fighting fit and loving life, right now. It’s so lovely to see a horse enjoying blowing the cobwebs away, especially when they are getting older and have overcome health issues. And Squire has his ears forward the whole time. He’s such a happy chap!

Thank you, Caroline, for inviting me over to your gorgeous little part of the country. I thoroughly enjoyed my shoot with you and your cheeky boy.


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