Barney Does Halloween

If you follow my blog or social media channels regularly, you will almost definitely have seen the odd appearance from my dog, Barney. He is a huge part of my life, being my only child and all, and most of my clients mention him, when I meet them. So, I felt like Barney really needed his own little space on my blog. He can be my little blog mascot, in fact.

“Can I eat this?”

I felt it was appropriate for us to give this Barney Blogs a spooky Halloween theme. I was looking for some devil horns for him, but I couldn’t find any anywhere, so instead, I bought him these sparkly pumpkin glasses. As you can see, he was totally thrilled about modelling for you! The perks of being a photographer’s dog. 😀

I also bought him a Frankenstein toy, to make up for being a mean Mummy and making him pose for my blog.

Now, I have to just tell you something about Barney’s toys. Firstly, he’s totally toy obsessed. He has a LOT of stuffed animals and he’s actually really good and never ruins them. But secondly, they actually aren’t toys at all. They’re actually ducks…

His first ever toy was a blue duck (which he still has, fully intact) so we would always say to him ‘Where’s your duck?’… So now, he just thinks that’s the word for toy. So even if he’s playing with a ball, or a chew toy, we still have to tell him to go get his ‘duck’, if we want him to bring us the toy.

So, as you can see, he has a brand new Frankenstein duck, which he is actually much more enthusiastic about than the pumpkin glasses.


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2 Responses to Barney Does Halloween

  1. Diana says:

    What a little darling and I love the “duck” story, too cute! My granddog, Finn, ALWAYS takes the squeaker out of every stuffed animal he gets and THAT is what he plays with! So we try to buy the cheapest stuffy’s as we know how it’s all going to end. Enjoyed this blog and I look forward to future ones of Barney’s. 🙂

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