Pip & Murphy – Equine Photography, Norfolk

This horse is SUCH a dude! Meet Murphy. Or ‘Sir Prancealot’, as he is apparently often known. And how apt that nickname is!! Murphy absolutely LOVED having his photograph taken and made sure he looked as impressive and flashy as he could, at all times.

Pip was my third victim, on my trip to Norfolk, and Murphy made very sure that they were last but definitely not least. Pip has had her twenty-one year-old KWPN gelding for five years. Pip keeps Murphy at a yard up the road from our location, so he thought it was super fun to be having a little day out.

Pip bought Murphy after a five year break from horses. She was looking for a horse that was ready to go out and compete and Murphy had just come off of the British Eventing circuit, having competed to Novice level.

She tells me that it took her four and half years to work out why she was so miserable and when she finally realised that it was because of the lack of horses in her life, she tasked a friend with finding her a new four-legged friend. Pip gave him a list of criteria and within ten minutes, he’d found Murphy, who ticked every single box. And the rest, as they say, is history…

The pair have tried their hoof and hand at a little bit of everything together, including show jumping, dressage, showing, hunter trials and one day events. They’ve had ups, downs, tears, tantrums, bruises and more, but mostly, Pip and Murphy adore one another. “He can be an idiot, but he’s my idiot,” Pip says.

Despite his jogging, dragon snorting, prancing, growing a couple of hands and general theatrics on our shoot, Murphy didn’t once put a foot out of line. He was a total show off, but also a real gentleman. He was so well mannered when it came to doing as he was told and I can totally see why Pip fell in love with him five years ago.

Murphy is now semi-retired (although clearly nobody has told he is technically a veteran!) and doesn’t compete anymore, but he and Pip love hacking out together and indulge in a bit of light schooling every now and then.


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