Charlotte, Sky & PJ – Equine Photography, Norfolk

Yesterday I posted photographs from Colette’s shoot, in Norfolk. Once I’d finished working with Colette and Dakar, I then met Colette’s daughter, Charlotte and her two horses, Sky and PJ.

I’m totally geeking-out over the Autumn backdrops at the moment. My favourite time of year to shoot has to be a very close toss up between Spring and right now. Everywhere is just covered in such beautiful, warm, rich colour and it makes my job such a pleasure.

Charlotte has had Trakehner cross ISH, Sky for just over three years, but she’s been in the family for longer. Before Charlotte had her, Sky actually belonged to Colette. I love the fact that Colette and Charlotte share this passion together.

When they first purchased Sky, who’s showname is ‘Celtic Art’, she was quite a difficult mare. They went through various problems with her and worked hard to bring her around. And the mare I met last week certainly doesn’t show any signs of being difficult. She is such a poppet and Colette and Charlotte tell me that she’s an absolute superstar, these days. They’ve clearly done a great job with her.

This shoot came at just the right time, as Sky is about to go off to her new loan home. (In fact, she might already be there by now) She’s going to a home where she will enjoy hacking out and lots of attention, because Charlotte needs to focus more time on her youngster, PJ. So, this was a nice little send-off for Sky.

Speaking of PJ… this little bay gelding is a total heart-breaker. He is like a big puppy dog and just wants to be friends with everybody. Including Sky, who ‘tolerates’ him, but doesn’t seem to be looking for a new BFF right now. Lol.

PJ is a five year-old American Paint cross ISH and Charlotte has owned him for two years. She found him when she was searching for a youngster to bring on. He was the first horse she viewed, but she fell instantly in love.

Charlotte backed PJ herself and tells me that he’s been super easy to work with and they hope to try their hand at dressage next year.

And I can’t end this blog without mentioning Charlotte’s dog, Luna. She spent so much of the shoot photobombing, that in the end we decided that we just needed to give her her own moment of fame. Check out her posing skills!!


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