Colette & Dakar – Equine Photography, Norfolk

Here’s a great example of why booking your shoot for Autumn/Winter means you’re just as likely to get great weather than if you book for the summer.

Colette had booked her shoot for August, originally. But with the summer deciding to take an unscheduled hiatus, we ended up cancelling three times before we eventually got around to this stunning shoot… in October! And honestly, the weather couldn’t have been better, in the end.

I travelled over to Strumpshaw Hall Livery, in Norfolk, last week, to photograph Colette, her daughter Charlotte and their friend Pip, and their four beautiful horses.

Colette purchased her very dapper ten year-old, ex-racehorse, Dakar, after knowing him through a friend, who owned him first. Colette was looking for a horse to buy, at the time, and despite him being everything that she didn’t want (she didn’t want a Thoroughbred, or a chestnut and she wanted something considerably smaller) she knew what a good boy he’d been for the whole two years her friend had owned him, so she bit the bullet and bought him anyway.

And he’s been everything she could have wanted and more. Colette tells me that she’d had some fairly nasty experiences whilst searching for a new horse, which had done a number on her confidence, so she knew she needed a kind, sweet horse, to help her get it back. And Dakar was just that.

As ex-racehorses go, apparently Dakar wasn’t the greatest. Known as ‘Tutto Bene’ on the track, he was too slow to make it as a winner and it was all just a bit too much like hard work for him. It seems he’s much better suited to mooching around the Norfolk countryside.

Like most partnerships, Colette and Dakar have had their ups and downs, but Colette says that they are now on the right path together, his dressage is coming on in leaps and bounds and she wouldn’t change his characterful personality for the world.

More from this shoot over the weekend, when I share my favourites from Charlotte, Sky and PJ and then Pip and Murphy!


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