Lauren, Dom & Sonny – A Remember Me Shoot, Essex

Ok, I have my tissues at the ready for writing this blog post. You might want to have some to hand, too.

This was the third time I’d been over to Warrior’s Rest, in Tiptree, to photograph Lauren and her two gorgeous boys, Dom and Sonny. And I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this, but I’m a little bit partial to a hairy coloured pony, so visiting these guys has always been a pleasure. However, this most recent shoot, which we booked for just before I went away, had a sadder tone than normal.

Sadly, Lauren was having her smaller, younger pony, Sonny, put to sleep whilst I was away. Sonny was only eight years old and Lauren had had him since he was three. She had backed him and brought him on herself, but she noticed that he was suffering more and more with intermittent lameness.

It was later discovered that Sonny had shattered the cartilidge in one of his knees (prior to Lauren owning him) and his injury continued to deteriorate. Lauren said that despite hoping he might improve with time, she felt he was really suffering this summer and decided that she owed it to him to make sure he was nolonger in pain.

When I first received Lauren’s message to tell me that this would be Sonny’s last summer, I was totally devastated for her. To say this little pony has bags of personality would be an understatement. He was such a great character and I know that he will be very sorely missed.

On a lighter note, Lauren’s older horse, Dom, kindly modelled for us, too. He is twenty five years old, has been with Lauren for seventeen years and is a sweet old gentleman. Dom was Lauren’s first ever horse and the pair did a bit of everything together, before he retired five years ago. He is now a ‘grumpy old man’ and lives a quiet, happy, pampered lifestyle.

Lauren, I’m sending you a huge virtual hug, right now. I’m sure this will have you in tears, as I’m welling up just writing it, and I apologise for that. But I hope that it also gives you something to hold on to and remember Sonny, as he was in his final days; Happy, cheeky and well loved.


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