Samantha, Richard, Bailey & Honey – Equine Photography, Kent

There was a point where Samantha and I wondered whether this shoot was ever going to happen. If it was the wet, miserable summer weather getting in our way, there were lorry driver strikes along the motorways where Sam lives, stopping me from getting to her. I think when we finally got around to meeting, at the beginning of September, it was about fourth or fifth time lucky!

But even then, luck wasn’t really on our side as it rained throughout the entire shoot. Although hopefully Sam will agree, that it hasn’t ruined the final result. 🙂

Samantha originally booked more to get photographs of her husband Richard’s dog, Bailey, than anything else. I don’t usually do canine only shoots, but Sam messaged to me to let me know that Bailey had hip dysplasia, meaning that he really struggles when the winter hits and the temperatures drop. Whilst Bailey is happy on medication at the moment, Sam and Richard know that they have a difficult decision to face in the not too distant future, and they wanted to make sure they had some lasting memories of their gorgeous boy.

In the meantime, Sam acquired Honey. Honey is a beautiful little Connemara mare that arrived on the yard Sam works at, from Ireland, to be sold on. But Samantha had a little go on her and promptly fell in love. It was terrible timing, as Richard and Sam were buying a house at the time, but when do these things ever happen at a convenient time? So a little while later, Sam became the proud owner of a pretty little dapple grey pony.

Sam tells me that Honey absolutely loves cross country and that they hope to experience lots of working hunter, beach rides and fun outings together.

Thank you so much for having me guys, and for being such great sports despite the numerous false starts and the hideous weather on the day. Lots of love to Bailey and fingers crossed that he continues to remain happy and comfy.


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