Jo, Steve, Bobby, Hope, Shady & May – Equine Photography, Norfolk

Before I went away on holiday, I took a trip over to Norfolk, on a very blustery day to meet Jo, Steve and their gang of native ponies. It was third time lucky with this shoot as we’d been forced to reschedule twice due to weather, so I was thankful that although it was windy, the sun was shining!

Our first model was the baby of the family, Hope. Jo has owned Highland mare, ‘Beiin Lair Princess Hope’, since July last year and she’s been a total poppet since the day she arrived. Hope has had some success in in-hand showing and will be backed later this year. The aim is to compete Hope in one or two ridden classes next year and then continue her showing career as she matures. I just love this little mare’s colouring and she has the sweetest, cuddliest nature!

Second up was Jo’s Connemara mare, Bobbydora. Bobby has been with Jo and Steve since 2009. Bobby has been an absolute rock for Jo, when she went through difficult times after losing her mum and old mare within six weeks of each other. Whilst struggling with these losses, Jo lost a lot of confidence in all aspects of her life and Bobby gave her purpose and helped her through everything.

Bobby and Jo now enjoy hacking and fun rides together and next year Bobby will be eligible for veteran classes, so Jo is really looking forward to getting back in the ring with her special girl.

And lastly, came Shetlands, Shady and May. These two are a freakin’ hilarious, inseparable, little double act! They were SO excited to be included and were jogging everywhere, throwing their heads about in delight and had their ears forward the whole time. Shady and May are auntie and niece, have done a small amount of showing but are now just mostly very cute lawn-mowers.

Jo and Steve are a great team. They do everything together from yard chores, to showing. Jo tells me that after sixteen years together, they are getting married next July, so huge congratulations and best wishes to them for their wedding. I have to end with Jo’s message to Steve… “He is just a lovely man. I cant thank him enough for just being there in some rough times and good times. I love him soo much.” Adorable, right?


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