Anna, Barker & Rupert – Equine Photography, Hampshire

Finally, we managed to get this shoot in the bag!! I’ve had a few clients who have just been super unlucky this summer, what with all of this lovely rain we’ve been having. Some of my shoots have been postponed on multiple occasions and Anna’s was one of them. But we couldn’t have had a more beautiful day for it, when I made my way down to Hampshire last week.

Anna owns Barker and Rupert, two equine models who look like chalk and cheese, but are best of buddies. Their little bromance is just too cute.

Rupert, the little coloured pony who completely stole my heart, is a rescue pony. He has an absolutely heartbreaking start to life and I just wanted to scoop him up and cuddle him to death. But due to his very nervous nature, that would definitely have traumatised him, so we settled for a slow introduction, a lot of cooing on my part and he eventually realised I wasn’t too big and scary. But it did take a while. Honestly, he is just the most adorable, painfully shy little poppet.

Anna was told, originally, that Rupert was a Welsh Sec A, but she suspects that there may be a bit of Shetland or something else in there too. She would love to take him showing, but after eleven years, he’s still super nervous. She’s hoping one day she might be able to get him out to a little pony party or two, but for now he is a super companion to Barker.

Speaking of Barker, he was the real star of our show. Barker is a retired show and working cob. In the days when he was hogged, he was pretty nifty in the ring. He has been to HOYS three times and came second in HOYS Search for a Star.

Barker has now retired from the ring, but enjoys spending his days out hunting. Anna said that he is a real gentlemen out on the field and has the most amazing gallop. “He is my horse of a lifetime, my soulmate and he gives lovely kisses and cuddles, even if he is a bit of a thug,” she says. Haha!

Anna has just recently qualified as a veterinary physiotherapist and as part of her shoot, she wanted to capture some images that would be suitable for marketing her new business. (Anna Wilson Veterinary Physiotherapist) So we persuaded Barker and Freddie the chocolate Labrador to have a little massage each. It was really fascinating learning a little about what Anna was doing, as she worked, and I wish her every success with her new venture.


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