Alison & Tyson and Bryony & Smokey – Equine Photography, Leeds

Last week Sam and I took a little road trip up to Leeds, to meet two lovely ladies and their horses.

Alison had been given a gift voucher for Christmas, for her and her horse, Tyson and her friend Bryony had decided to join us on the shoot with her boy, Smokey. We were so lucky with the weather seeing as it rained on my way there, had rained for the days leading up to the shoot and then was beautiful for the actual day of our booking.

Alison has owned nineteen year-old Tyson for almost eleven years. He is a Shire cross Thoroughbred and stands at a whopping 17.1hh! With his jet black coat and three white legs, he really is pretty smart to look at.

The pair originally competed in dressage up to elementary level and in BYRDS and the Northern regional teams. They were also Northern regional preliminary champions, in 2006, qualifying them for the winter national championships at Solihull. However, sadly, various ailments have stopped Alison and Tyson in their tracks and put a halt to their dressage career.

Tyson now enjoys a much slower pace of life, hacking out across the countryside (although Alison tells me that, having lived in a busy town all of his life, Tyson finds countryside hacking far more scary!) and getting copious amounts of cuddles from Alison’s family, who all adore him. He’s certainly not short of love and attention and Alison says that he owes her absolutely nothing.

My second model of the day was Bryony and her sweet boy, Smokey. Smokey is a fourteen year-old ISH who took the entire shoot in his stride. So much so that Alison and I jokingly asked if Bryony had slipped him something before we’d started. He was a total dope on a rope and a real cuddler.

Bryony has owned Smokey for five years and originally bought him to event with. Sadly, just a year in to their partnership he tore a cruciate ligament by hooning around in his field. Bryony said that it was literally hanging on by a thread and despite it looking bleak, Bryony was determined to save her boy and they embarked on a year of rehab.

Smokey made a fab recovery, came back into work, all was going great guns and then he decided it might be fun to go and do a suspensory ligament on the same leg. However, luckily, recovery for this injury wasn’t quite as painstaking and Smokey is finally back in work. “Hoping he’s put the veterinary encyclopaedia down for good now so we can get busy with some ODE’s,” Bryony tells me.

Thank you both for a lovely afternoon, for making me feel very welcome and for plying me with cakes. I’m never going to get beach body ready with all of my clients feeding me baked goods all the time. (Not that I’m complaining!)


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