Angie, Holly, Annie & Cody – Mud to Makeup Photoshoot, Kent

Eeee, you’re going to love this story! A truly sweet rescue story with the best of happy endings.

Last week, my fantabulous make-up magician, Sherrie, and I went over to meet Angie and Holly, at their yard in Kent. To say that the day was miserable would be an understatement! It rained ALL day long and big shout out to the BBC Weather website, which I live my life on, because they were spot on when they told us we would have two dry hours in the afternoon. It rained on the way there, it rained whilst we did hair and make-up and it rained as we pulled away from the yard. But for the two hours we were shooting, it stayed dry!! I feel like we won, that day!

But anyway, onto my beautiful models…

Angie and her daughter, Holly, own two horses. Annie and Cody. And they keep them at Leybourne Park Farm, in Kent. Annie, a sixteen year-old Irish Draught cross cob, was Angie’s 40th birthday present. She has owned her for three years and admits that she loves Annie like she’s her fourth child! Like so many of us, Angie has suffered from various confidence issues. But with an amazing instructor, encouragement from Holly and a mountain of sheer determination, Angie and Annie have been out competing this year, with plans for lots more in the future.

Angie says that Annie is the perfect horse for her and she is challenging, but safe. And she’s a real family horse, who Holly regularly rides and competes, too.

So, as gorgeous and special as Annie is, I think everybody would agree that it was little Cody that stole the show, if for no other reason than because his story is so heart-warming.

On Father’s Day last year, Angie was browsing through Facebook when she spotted a picture of a very sorry looking, tethered colt, who had been abandoned by some gypsies, on a green next to a kind lady’s home and she was appealing for somebody to offer him a home. When Holly saw him, she begged Angie to help him and promised all of the money she had earned from her weekend job if they went and rescued him. So, that same evening, Angie and Holly made the journey to the Isle of Sheppey, to investigate this poor little chap.

As soon as they’d laid eyes on him, it was game over and there was no way he wouldn’t be going home with them. He was covered in cuts and scrapes, was underweight, head shy and generally unloved, but he looked kind and in desperate need of a cuddle. Two days later and ‘Cody’ had a new family, a new home, a new name and a brand new future ahead of him. Over the last year, Angie and Holly have worked slowly and gently with Cody, gaining his trust and allowing him to grow into a healthy, happy little horse. Angie is certain that he grateful to them for bringing him home with them.

Cody has just turned three and is currently in the process of being backed. Angie is in hear final year of a BSc Equine Training and Management degree and is putting all of her ‘Training Young Horses’ learning into real-time practice. And little Cody has been a total dream. Apparently last week, after our shoot, he had his first trot, on the lunge, with Holly on board. He will be turned away and walked in-hand over winter before being brought back into work next year.

Angie says that both horses have totally taken over their life and are definitely part of the family, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. They have homes for life and Angie is currently on a weight-loss mission, with the aim to eventually be able to ride Cody. She promises another photoshoot when she has reached her goal, so I can’t wait to go back and report on their progress!


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