Victoria, Maddy, Hugo & Monty – Equine Photography, Essex

Last week I went over to Hatfield Forest to meet Victoria, Maddy, their family and their two horses, Hugo and Monty. The shoot had originally been booked by Victoria’s other half, Neal, as a Christmas present, but she wanted the whole family involved and, as always, the more the merrier.

Victoria has had her gorgeous, coloured, seven year-old, Irish Sports Horse, Hugo for two years. She bought him when she took a trip over to Ireland to find her forever horse. He hadn’t long been backed and only had one speed; Fast! Victoria has spent a lot of time slowing things down and taking Hugo back to basics and said that he has been nothing but a total gentleman since the day he arrived.

It wasn’t until he arrived home with her that Victoria realised that Hugo was born on the same day, but one year later, than her youngest daughter, Maddy. She said that he has a home for life and she’d love for him to eventually become Maddy’s horse. Victoria and Hugo competed in their first one day event earlier in 2015 and can’t wait to get out hunting again in the coming season.

Eight year-old Maddy was SO much fun to work with. Her energy was boundless and her enthusiasm contagious. And as for her pony; what an absolute saint!! This is the kind of pony that every mother dreams of finding for their daughter. Ten year-old Monty hasn’t been with the pony for very long, but was the step up Maddy needed after selling her smaller pony on (to Richard Hammond’s daughter, of all people).

As Maddy wants to event, Victoria thought it would be a good idea to get Maddy competing in all three disciplines, on a pony who would be able to take her up a gear. And Monty has exceeded expectations! This adorable pair have been jumping 90cm courses, competing in dressage and will be braing their first one day event later this month. Maddy is absolutely brimming with confidence and is such a great little jockey. Whilst Victoria was having her photographs done, Maddy was cantering Monty around Hatfield forest, jumping logs and having a blast.

Thank you so much to Victoria, Neal and the whole family for being such great sports and going all out for this shoot. It’s always so much fun for me to shoot in beautiful locations with clients who embrace the experience in it’s entirety.


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One Response to Victoria, Maddy, Hugo & Monty – Equine Photography, Essex

  1. Jaye Jaye says:

    Gorgeous photos! I particularly love that you’ve captured the hole in the teenager’s trouser knee! That sort of everyday thing is what stories that stretch the generations are made of <3.

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