Pros & Cons to Booking Your Equine Photoshoot for Each Season

Every season has it’s own set of pros and cons, when it comes to booking your equine photoshoot. Everybody assumes that the height of summer is the prime time to book, but that might not necessarily be the right time for you. So, I’ve put together this little Ps&Cs list, so that you can see which season you might prefer.

For example, I’m quite a hot person, so I’d hate to be standing in front of a camera, wanting to look my best, but sweating in the mid-summer heat.




  • Blossom, greenery, wild flowers, etc. all looking their best.
  • It’s not too hot.
  • But the likelihood of a dry day is fairly high.
  • Most horses’ summer coats will be coming through.
  • It’s, hands down, my favourite time of year to shoot.


  • April showers might interfere
  • Some ponies might be holding on to their summer coats longer than others

Equine Photography, Essex: Danielle & Oakey - Sophie Callahan Photography




  • Warmer, sunnier weather (although the British weather doesn’t necessarily always play ball)
  • Summer coats
  • Drier ground
  • Summer outfits; summer dresses, bare-feet, sandals, summer blouses


  • It can be a bit hot and sweaty
  • Midges and flies are out in force
  • The grass can look a bit dull if there hasn’t been any rain
  • Spring flowers have been and gone

Equine Photography, East Sussex: Shannon & Scarlett - Sophie Callahan Photography




  • Cooler temperatures
  • Gorgeous Autumn colours
  • Pretty leaves on the floor


  • Mud and puddles
  • Possibility of rainy weather
  • Some horses will be getting their winter coats a little earlier than others

Getting Horse to Put Their Ears Forward - Sophie Callahan Photography




  • Pretty sunsets that you don’t have to wait until late evening for
  • Muted winter backgrounds make outfits and horses’ coat colours pop
  • Winter light is the most flattering for your skin
  • Winter wardrobes; Furry coats, scarves, layers, boot socks and snuggly clothing
  • Very atmospheric
  • Smokey breath
  • Frost and snow!


  • It’s cold!
  • Higher chance of rain
  • It can be wet and muddy
  • Horses are in their winter coats (However, clipping horses one of two weeks before your shoot gives the coat the chance to get it’s shine back. So, if you clip, looking wintery won’t be an issue!)

equine photographer essex


In terms of the weather, we have to be realistic; we live in England. Lol! I have had more shoots rained off this August than I think I have had in any other month… Ever! So, even booking in the height of summer in no way guarantees you great weather.

If the weather is bad on the day you’ve booked your shoot, it’s no problem to re-arrange and try again for another day. The cost of a shoot is non-refundable, but postponing due to the weather is something I deal with all the time. It’s the nature of the job.

And in the winter, I must be one of the only people in this country that actually keeps my fingers crossed for snow! Every year I have a waiting list of people wanting snow shoots and some of my all time favourite images have come from these sessions.

So, as you can see, the perks for each season are totally different and it is definitely possible to create beautiful, timeless images all year round. I just wanted to put this out there because I feel people automatically assume that summer is the best option, but that isn’t always the case. Personally, I much prefer my winter wardrobe and I’d so much rather be cool and comfortable, if it were me. However, if you want bare-feet and summer dresses, then spring or summer would be best for you.


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