Stacey, Jazz, Ruby & Dune – Equine Photography, Essex

Stacey’s lovely friends had purchased an equine photoshoot gift voucher for her as a birthday present, back in the spring and last week, I visited Stacey at her home in Hockley to meet her three lovely neddies.

Stacey had wanted to take the horses to Hockley Woods, for her shoot. But sadly Jazz damaged a tendon last year and has been out of work for a year and not stepped foot off of the yard in that time, so Stacey thought that taking him for a trip to the woods might just blow his brains. So we made the decision to do the shoot in two parts. We stayed at home with Jazz, photographing him in the garden (and leaving hoofprints on the lawn, much to Stacey’s poor Dad’s dismay) and then boxed Ruby and Dune up to Hockley Woods for the second part of the shoot.

Jazz is Stacey’s absolutely stunning nine year-old coloured stallion, more formally known as ‘Colour With Confidence’. Stacey has owned him since he was just nineteen months old and the pair have competed in Discovery/Newcomers classes together. Jazz had just begun to try his hoof at eventing when he was injured, so that has been put on hold for the moment. Jazz is, however, back in work and his recovery is going well.

The other coloured in the pictures is Stacey’s little mare, Ruby. Ruby is also nine and Stacey has also had her since she was nineteen months. Ruby is a typical mareish mare. Everybody was joking about the fact the she has attitude and can be difficult, but I think she quite liked her fifteen minutes of fame and her trip to the woods, because she definitely didn’t give me any trouble. Stacey and Ruby compete in showjumping together and also brave the odd one day event.

And the odd one out on the yard is Dune. The big black baby of the family. Dune, who’s showname is very aptly ‘Always a Pleasure’ is like a huge, over-grown puppy dog and was just so easy to work with. He has just turned seven years-old and has been with Stacey for just over a year. Stacey bought Dune from Holland and has just started competing at British Novice with him. She is also introducing him to the eventing world and he seems to be enjoying his education.

All three horses were such a pleasure and it was a really lovely morning, what with the little trip to the woods and lots of giggles. My thanks go to Stacey for being a fab model, Stacey’s Mum, for her help and to Denise, for purchasing the voucher and for doing a fab job of cleaning Stacey’s shoes! 😉 And my apologies to Stacey’s Dad. I hope the lawn wasn’t in too bad a state. Lol!


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One Response to Stacey, Jazz, Ruby & Dune – Equine Photography, Essex

  1. Hey, I really love your photos! They really give me motivation to take photos and try to edit them nicely! I was wondering if you could write a post about how you edit photos? If you use Lightroom presets etc. It would be very interesting to read! Anyway, keep doing this fine job! Have a great weekend!

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