Stacey, Joker & Dolly – Equine Photography, Essex

Yesterday I posted the images from Maria’s shoot. And today, I have some photos for her (newly married) sister-in-law, Stacey. It was total coincidence that I happened to be doing their shoots one day apart!

I had met Stacey the evening before, at Maria’s shoot. And she had said that she was hoping to wear her wedding dress for her shoot, but was a little worried about what her two horses, Joker and Dolly, would make of it. I’m so glad we went ahead with it though. Isn’t it just stunning?! Joker and Dolly didn’t mind at all, although Stacey told me that she’d been parading up and down in front of them in it for a while before I arrived, to get them used to the swishing. Lol!

Joker is Stacey’s thirty year-old Welsh x Thoroughbred, whom she has owned for sixteen years. In fact, it was him that she was most worried about. Because, despite being older and (supposedly) wiser than Dolly, he really is a character and very rarely acts his age.

Joker has been retired for a number of years now, but Stacey tells me that over the years they have done a bit of everything together, with his number one love being cross country. Apparently he was a bit of a speed demon, in his day. Stacey says that he has definitely earned his retirement and is not living a quite life of eating, playing with his field buddies and getting lots of TLC.

Stacey’s other horse, Dolly, is seven years-old and is homebred. She is a Hannoverian by the very well known coloured pony stallion, Honeypot Sporran. Maria has competed Dolly lightly in dressage, with various successes, but due to babies and weddings, she hasn’t done too much with her. However, she says that she is excited for the future with her and has lots of plans for competitions and furthering her education.

We also managed to coax Stacey’s new hubby, Justin, their scrumptious little boy, Joey and dog, Henry, into getting in front of the camera, too. What a gorgeous family! Thank you for having me Stacey and for your help on Maria’s shoot, too.


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