Maria, Ruffos & Pepsi – Equine Photography, Essex

I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere with getting caught up with these shoots. This set of images are from a lovely shoot I had with Maria and her two horses, last week, over in Laindon.

Maria’s brother and his other half, Stacey, purchased a photoshoot gift voucher for her for Christmas. Coincidentally, Stacey also had her own shoot booked in, too. And I did each of their shoots just one day apart, so keep an eye out for Stacey’s images tomorrow.

Maria has owned her big bay Irish Sports Horse, Ruffos, for thirteen years and she says that they have been through both good times and bad, together. Maria thanks her fabulous vet and her insurance company, for twenty-one year-old Ruffos being as fit and healthy as he is now, as he’s been through the mill a few times.

He was such a funny boy to work with. 90% of the time he was super chilled out and a real cuddler (as you can see!) but Maria warned me not to be fooled; that he can go from angel to devil child as soon as he decides he doesn’t want to participate. And I almost got a glimpse of his little tantrums when we took him down the lane, away from the yard, although we recovered pretty hastily before Ruffos really had time to show off. Still, any horse that loves cuddles that much goes straight into my good books. What a poppet!

And the little grey pony in the photos is princess Pepsi. Pepsi has been with Maria for twenty-four years and was her first pony. Maria thinks that she is a minimum for thirty-one years-old, but can’t be certain.

Pepsi was a typical old lady. She’d pose when it suited her, until she decided this whole photoshoot nonsense was incredibly tiresome and was interfering with her eating schedule. What she lacks in size, she definitely makes up for in character and she really is quite the dinky diva. Maria said that she is the best pony you could ask for and that she definitely taught her how to ride!

And I just wanted to give a little mention to Maria’s old boy, Montego Bay (Monty), who she sadly lost to colic, but clearly still holds very dear.

Thank you for a nice evening, Maria. It was lovely to meet you all. And Stacey, your images are on their way, I promise!


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