Kelly, Alice, Spring & Shakira – Equine Photography, Essex

You’ll have to excuse my unforeseen hiatus. I’ve been pretty poorly this last week or so, so I’m scrambling to get caught up with edits, orders and emails right now and my home office resembles a mind boggling kind of organised (somewhat) chaos.

So, I’m pleased to finally get some images online from recent shoots, as my clients have been wonderfully patient and sweet.

This set are from a really enjoyable evening I spent at Kelly’s home, just up the road from me, with her three beautiful mares; Alice, Spring and Shakira.

Kelly has owned twenty-eight year-old Alice, the bay mare, for twenty years now. And although Alice now lives a quiet, peaceful life in the paddocks behind Kelly’s house, there was a time when the pair were very active and went out competing a lot together. Kelly and Alice began their competition journey trying their hand at showjumping and later moved on to prelim dressage.

Watching these three mares together in their field, there is no doubt that Alice is the big boss and the Mumma of the group, keeping the other two in their place.

The little chestnut is Spring, and she is without doubt the most quiet and submissive of the three; hanging back out of the way until there is a space for her to be fussed and walking away as soon as anybody flattens their ears back. Spring is twenty-four and has been with Kelly since she was just four years-old.

She has a similar story to Alice, where she started out showjumping and then moved on to dressage. Only a few years ago she and Kelly attended Stoneleigh, for the Trailblazers Dressage Finals. Kelly’s children now enjoy the odd plod around on Spring, so she is teaching them how to ride.

And finally we come to Shakira, the coloured mare. Ten year-old Shakira is the baby of the family and you can really see that in her mannerisms, the herd dynamic and the way she clings to Alice.

A few years back, Shakira was in quite a nasty horse-box accident and this has made both Kelly and Shakira very nervous of travelling. What with that and Kelly splitting her time between the horses and being a full time mum, they tend to stick closer to home these days, but enjoy the odd bit of dressage and lots of hacking around the countryside surrounding their home.


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