Highlands Farm, Group Shoot – Equine Photography, Suffolk

Emily first got in touch when I was going the group shoot at Greenstead Green, as her pony, Pie was on loan to one of the liveries there and was going to be part of the shoot. Emily wanted to just have a couple of photos taken with him.

However, following that shoot, Pie then moved back to live with Emily and she decided to book her own shoot so that she could include her other horse, Bungle, and managed to get the rest of the yard involved as well.

So last week, I went over to Highlands Farm livery yard, near Ipswich, to photograph ten lovely liveries and their eclectic mix horses, ponies and dogs.

We were so lucky to have really great weather and a beautiful little shady corner, surrounded by greenery, a little stream and a gorgeous fallen tree.

This lovely group were such an absolute pleasure to work with. When you photograph a big group like this, it’s likely that you will get at least one or two horses who aren’t so keen on this posing malarkey. But I can honestly say that I didn’t have one single difficult model. They were all well-mannered and easy to work with. So I’d like to thank every single one of you at Highlands for such a pleasant day.

I also have to thank Emily’s lovely Mum, who supplied us with home-made sausage rolls and cakes, which kept me going throughout the shoot.


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