Sarah & Fifi – Mud to Makeup Photoshoot, Essex

Sarah’s lovely other-half, Paul, sent me a very typical email, the likes of which I see so often, from a man who was panicking about his better-half’s birthday present and hoped I’d be able to save the day. So, between us, we decided on a Mud to Makeup gift voucher and Sherrie and I went to visit Sarah at Dallance Farm, in Waltham Abbey, last week.

As well as having an on-sight feed shop, Paul produces hay on the farm, so we were spoilt with acres of beautiful farm land to use for our shoot and a very civilised head-office (with cakes included!) to transform into our very own salon. Sherrie is quite adept at performing her hair and make-up magic amongst tack and feed rooms, so this was the height of luxury.

Moving on to our models; Sarah has owned the stunning Fifi for almost two years now and has spent a lot of effort and love getting her to look this gorgeous.

When Sarah first laid eyes on Fifi (on New Year’s Day, because she just couldn’t wait to view her, after falling in love with her advert online) she was looking quite so fit and healthy, with rain scald and mud fever, that have taken a lot of treatment to come right. However, you would never know, as this 17hh, part-bred Warmblood now looks shiny, happy and thoroughly loved.

Sarah and Fifi, who’s showname is Featured Addition, have enjoyed competing in unaffiliated show jumping, dressage and cross country over the past year, and they completed their first one day event together, back in June. Sarah’s plan is to do more eventing with Fifi this year, with the aim of affiliating next year.

Fifi was such a well-behaved, polite girl and beautiful to boot. I love her! She stood sweetly for the duration of Sarah’s makeover and then didn’t complain about anything we asked of her. She and Sarah clearly have a great relationship and I think Fifi is grateful to Sarah for her unconditional TLC.

Big thank you’s extended to my lovely friend and make-up lady, Sherrie for making our model look and feel so fabulous; to Paul for booking the shoot and allowing us to take over his farm and office; to Sarah’s friends, for their helping hands and of course, to Sarah and Fifi, for being super models!


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