Arabella & Maple – Equine Photography, Essex

Last week I went to meet Arabella and her beautiful girl, Maple, at Rayne Riding Centre, in Braintree. Which was fun, as I rode there a few times as a child, with a friend. We had a really lovely shoot and quite a giggle together.

Maple is a sweet, five year-old, chestnut, part-bred Warmblood and she has highlights in her mane and tail that most of us would pay a lot of money for. She’s super-model gorgeous! And I really loved that she and Arabella match, too!! I have serious hair envy!

Maple was actually bred at Rayne, which means that Arabella has the benefit of knowing her full history and having people around her, to help with Maple, who have known her her entire life.

Maple was the last of the youngsters her age to be broken. Arabella tells me that they left the easiest until last and due to Maple’s easy going, laid back nature, she was backed later than the others. So this is her first full year of being ridden and she’s been a real poppet and is coming on in leaps and bounds.

Arabella and Maple currently spend most of their time in the school and hacking out, as Maple learns her job under saddle. Arabella purchased Maple after sadly losing her last horse, who was a bit of a jumping superstar, by the sounds of things, so would eventually love to get back to doing in the competition ring, doing what she loves, but she is no rush and is taking everything slowly with baby Maple.

Than you to both Arabella and Maple, for being great sports, to mum, Jane, for booking the shoot and to the lovely ladies at Rayne, who gave us a helping hand in the form of a feed bucket, when Maple had had enough posing. Lol!


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