Jess, Emma & Moo – Equine Photography, Essex

Emma and her daughter, Jess, both share their coloured, Irish mare, Moo, together and Emma booked a shoot for the three of them back in the Spring.

I had visited the livery yard in Layer Marney, where they keep Moo, for a shoot, a few years back and as I drove up the driveway and realised I’d been there before I was so excited. It has the most amazing backdrops with sprawling golden fields and Layer Marney Towers in the background. I’m so jealous of their fabulous off-road hacking, which stretches as far as the eye can see and includes open fields, bridleways and woodland.

Emma and Jess have owned thirteen year-old Moo for five years now and she seems like a real poppet. However, they tell me that she can live up to name sometimes and is often a bit of a ‘moo’ when she wants to be. Although I didn’t see much evidence of this on our shoot.

It seems that the way to Moo’s heart is definitely through her stomach as she was quite happy to do anything for a treat, but it was when the treats stopped coming that she got bored with posing for my camera.

Jess was already recovering from a riding injury when we had our shoot, so was moving around a little carefully. And then, to make matters worse, she also injured her arm whilst we were shooting. (None of which were Moo’s fault!) So I hope you’re feeling much better, Jess, your other injuries have all cleared up and you can finally feel your fingers again. I really did feel for you.

It was lovely to meet the three of you and as always, a pleasure to shoot at your beautiful yard. Thank you for having me.


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