Jodie & Matilda – Equine Photography, Essex

These two are just so stinkin’ cute together. And this was such a beautiful shoot. I visited this yard, in Tiptree, last year, in November, for a shoot with Kara and Inca, so it was nice to return in the summer months and see how the yard and paddocks had changed. We were super lucky, too, that we got a beautiful evening, amongst a string of rainy days.

The yard is owned by Jodie’s Grandad and he bought Matilda, her Irish Sports type mare, for her five years ago, when she was just eleven years-old. So they’ve really grown up together.

At the time, as you can imagine, Jodie looked a little like a pea on a mountain. Luckily Matilda is a real poppet and looked after her pint-sized, young rider. She was, however, of quite a nervous disposition. When Jodie first got her she was head shy and timid and it was only time and TLC that has brought her out of her shell.

Jodie tells me that as she has grown older and more confident and Matilda, who is now seventeen years-old, has learned to trust her, she has grown in confidence and personality, too. Where she was gentle and caring when Jodie was young, now that her rider is more capable, she is a quite the madam. 😉

Jodie and Matilda like to do a little bit of everything together. Matilda loves to jump and enjoys nothing more than hacking out and galloping across the surrounding countryside. The pair try their hand at competing when they can and they even went on their first hound ride and Jodie said that Matilda was absolutely brilliant!

I just felt like this partnership was so cute, having grown together and moulding to suit one another. Jodie was such a smiley model. We had so much fun and she was a real pleasure to work with.


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