Nadia & Jasper – Equine Photography, Essex

My second duo, on my trip to Lubards Farm, last week, were little and large, Nadia and Jasper. I absolutely love this pair. Nadia is super dinky and Jasper is like a child in this gargantuan body!!

The last time Nadia measured Jasper, who has just turned six, he was 17.3hh. She hasn’t dared measure him since, as she’d prefer to remain in denial about the fact he may now be even taller. Lol! Jasper is a Cleveland Bay cross Warmblood and Nadia never expected him to grow so big, when she first bought him.

When she bought him, he was young, underweight and very nervous. Nadia said that he took a long time to learn to trust her and shied away if she went near him with anything in her hand.

To bring him around, she spent hours upon hours grooming him, walking him in-hand and just spending quality time with him. And the results have clearly paid off because Jasper is like a big puppy dog and Nadia says he just loves the attention and company of people. He’s a dope on a rope and super clumsy with his super-sized, but the most loving chap you will meet.

Due to his huge size and the issues he had when Nadia first got him, she has taken things very slowly with him and not rushed him with anything they’ve done. Sadly, Nadia suffered both a car accident and riding accident, resulting in spinal damage and long periods of time out of action, so their progress has been slowed down even further and Jasper has spent a lot of the past year growing into himself in the field.

However, Nadia is now back in the saddle and said that Jasper was an absolute sweetheart to bring back into work, hacking around the farm, despite Nadia’s understandable shaky nerves. She says that she’d like to spend the next year bringing him on slowly and restoring her confidence and then work towards some endurance rides next year.


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