Lucy & Lotte – Equine Photography, Essex

I’m surprised the liveries at Lubard’s Farm, in Rayleigh aren’t sick of seeing me by now. I feel like I’m back there every couple of weeks. This was my eighth visit to this yard and there are still parts of it I haven’t explored yet. We still managed to find new backdrops and spaces, to create fresh, different images.

This time around I went to Lubards to photograph two lovely ladies in one afternoon. My first pair of models, on this trip, was Lucy and her absolutely beautiful coloured mare, Lotte. Lucy booked her shoot after seeing the images from her friend, Holly’s photoshoot.

When Lucy bought Lotte she was just five years old and had done a lot of showing, previously. However, since they’ve been together Lucy and Lotte have competed mainly in eventing. Lotte’s Hannovarian x Thoroughbred x Warmblood breeding means that she can be a little feisty and she certainly wasn’t a fan of standing still for our shoot. Luckily, she’s super elegant and as soon as she decides to strike a pose, you’ve got your shot.

Lucy tells me that Lotte loves to be around other horses, so perhaps it was posing on her own that she wasn’t so keen on. She was quite happy to have cuddles and stand quietly when we took her back to the yard when Holly’s horses, Incy and Dougal are stabled.

After Lotte’s career in showing, Lucy took her eventing for the first time and did this for a few years, after competing at BE 90 level. Lucy spent a year travelling and now that she and Lotte have been reunited, they are competing at local level and sticking mostly to dressage for the time being.

Lucy says that despite thirteen year-old Lotte’s stressy nature, she can also be a real sweetheart. And I did see lots of evidence of this cuddly side of her. Lucy says that Lotte will often follow her around the field wanting to be groomed and fussed and I get the feeling that she wouldn’t have her any other way.


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