Nyssa, Steve & Tikki – Equine Photography, Essex

I love this shoot. I chose not to photograph weddings because it’s not where I feel my strengths lie, but I have to admit, I love that even though I’m not a wedding photographer, I still get to photograph gorgeous ladies in their special dresses, just in a bit of a different way.

Nyssa had her heart set on having her feisty chestnut mare, Tikki, at her wedding. But due to various issues, one of which being the fact that Tikki isn’t the best to load, the decision was made that Tikki would not attend Nyssa’s special day.

However, her friends gave the idea of a shoot, in the days following her wedding, so that Tikki could still be included, without ever having to leave the yard. And as a result, these lovely friends of hers purchased Nyssa a gift voucher for a shoot, as her wedding present.

Nyssa and Steve were married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony, last Thursday, at Leez Priory, with the sun shining down on them, in front of friends and family. I hear that everything went like clockwork and the day was an absolute dream.

And then, two days after the wedding, on a moody and blustery Saturday morning, I met the newlyweds at Tikki’s yard, near Chelmsford, for their shoot. I am so in love with Nyssa’s dress. It’s just absolutely stunning and I was so worried that Tikki was going to stand on all of that beautiful lace. But Nyssa was such a great sport and didn’t mind traipsing up and down the grass with a pretty flighty Tikki bouncing along beside her. Steve was also totally game for this shoot and, despite not being horsey himself, was more than willing to include Tikki in his wedding experience, for Nyssa. Happy wife, happy life, right Steve?

The photographs will find Nyssa and Steve sunning themselves and sipping cocktails, on their honeymoon, at the moment. I hope you’re both having a fabulous time and enjoying the beginning of your new journey as a married couple.


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